Maddox Fails Again

Tommy Maddox failed yesterday in his attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament. Maddox shot a 75 and finished at 4-over when the cutoff for the next round of qualifiers was 3-under. My favorite part of the story?

"Maddox, 35, of Springlake, Texas, who entered as a professional golfer because he cashed checks from celebrity and mini-tour events, wasn't the only pro athlete at Hackberry. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo shot a 72."

Two things here - 1. Tommy has been cashing the small checks from mini-tour events, presumably back in his insurance salesman days when he HAD to just to pay the bills. And 2. Romo is still an active NFL player and by his estimate plays just once a week, and he beat Tommy.

So much for those Champions Tour dreams, Tommy. What's the over/under on when his Super Bowl ring is on eBay? 2011?

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David said...

Wow, you really are still holding a grudge from that Jacksonviolle game aren't you?