Catching Up on the News

A quick recap of the last few days in Steeler Nation:

Kevan Barlow officially signed his contract. Or should I call him KEY-van. (Post-Gazette)

The Steelers released linebacker Richard Seigler yesterday. Apparently he played in the final two games last season. However, I don't think his on-field actions had anything to do with his release. Maybe this was the reason? (Post-Gazette)

Obsessed with Ike Taylor like David is? Then buy his 1986 Monte Carlo! (Mondesi's House)

Rocky Bleier's high school is naming its football field after him.

The Steelers are fighting Don Barden's Majestic Star casino plans for the North Side. While I don't think they'll get anywhere with their arguments, it is a bit worrisome to see that Barden's casinos lost $4.6 million in the first quarter of 2007. That's the biggest loss for a casino company since Danny Ocean robbed Terry Benedict.

Even Canadian mobsters who shoot men in the testicles are Steeler fans. Actually, if this guy wanted to hide out, he should've just come to the Steel City. A 40-something Italian guy wearing a Steelers sweatshirt? He could've hidden out for years!

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