Wait - What?

Justin Heckert wrote a story for ESPN.com about the guy who imitated Jerame Tuman, Brian St. Pierre, and Ben Roethlisberger to get chicks and to make money. Two things strike me about this story, this guy looks nothing like Roethlisberger, Tuman, or St. Pierre. I mean nothing; in fact he is a fat slob, who looks like an idiot.

The second thing that popped out is how stupid these chicks were. Heckert goes out of his way to justify how they were tricked and how he tricked the girl who thought he was Tuman into giving him over $3000. Girls, if you are allegedly dating a professional football player you should not have to give him money no matter what story he tells you. Even the bad ones make a lot of money.

Another great part of the story is that this guy got busted by the girl who thought he was St. Pierre because he told her to look for him on TV; she did and saw it wasn’t him.
Just great stuff all around. And ladies, good job on shoring up the reputation of Pittsburgh girls the world after I thought this girl had already done that job.

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