Meet the New Coaching Staff - Ken Anderson

Leading to the start of training camp in July, we'll be taking some time here at IWIWAR to introduce you to the new Steelers coaching staff, culminating with a look at new head coach Mike Tomlin. Today, let's take a look at new quarterbacks coach Ken Anderson.

Ken Anderson - QB Coach
Age: 58
Education: Augustana College (Ill.)
Professional Playing Experience: Cincinnati Bengals (1971-1986)

What to Like: A two-time finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Anderson obviously has the knowledge of the game to take Ben Roethlisberger to the next level. Plus, he has a law degree and is licensed to practice in both Kentucky and Ohio, which explains why the Bengals had him on staff for 10 years.

What Not to Like: Anderson was let go by both the Bengals and the Jaguars after pretty rough offensive outputs from each squad. His Bengal teams of the late 90s and early 2000s weren't exactly offensive juggernauts, and he tutored Byron Leftwich for the past two years to the point that Leftwich is on the verge of losing his job.

Random Internet Find: On the Wikipedia page of his alma mater, Augustana College, there is a list of "famous" alumni, which includes Anderson as well as Dave "Gruber" Allen, who plays the Naked Trucker on "The Naked Trucker and T-Bone Show" on Comedy Central. And of course, the character of T-Bone is played by David Koechner, a.k.a. Dunder Mifflin's own Todd Packer.

YouTube Clip of the Week

This kid is awesome.

The Indianapolis Steelers?

As Fast Willie Parker says in reference to the more creases and holes he expects to see with more of a spread offense, "How can that be a bad thing?". (Yahoo! Sports)

More from Willie, including this gem of a quote: "Willie Parker's just a guy who came from the bottom and a guy still trying to make a name for himself, and I'm not going to quit working hard," Parker said of himself. Nice, Willie. Way to start talking in the third person. I think he owes Rickey Henderson royalties every time he does it, though. (The Pittsburgh Channel)

I went to check Steelers.com to see if the team's official site had anything interesting, and this "random" message board quote on the main page stuck out:

"I think he's a great pick for us. He shows a lot of energy!" -BlitzburghDE on number one pick Lawrence Timmons.

You gotta love the fact that a guy with the screen name BlitzburghDE is praising our new draft pick, who will play LB/DE. (Steelers.com)

So Far So Good for Coach Tomlin

Mike Tomlin has handled the Alan Faneca situation perfectly, at least to this point. He can’t cater to one player no matter how much he needs him, but he also doesn’t want to piss him off. This article demonstrates the balanced approach he is taking perfectly. He makes sure to compliment Faneca, calling him a real pro and then points out that he has no control over contracts. And, as has been pointed out, both Ben and Troy have big paydays coming up, and while neither may be as good as Faneca right now they are both younger and are the respective faces of the offense and defense. Those are the economics of the NFL today. It will be an interesting drama to watch play out and while there isn’t much hope of Faneca being a Pittsburgh Steeler after this season, it seems like Mike Tomlin is going to get a good full season out of him.