The Indianapolis Steelers?

As Fast Willie Parker says in reference to the more creases and holes he expects to see with more of a spread offense, "How can that be a bad thing?". (Yahoo! Sports)

More from Willie, including this gem of a quote: "Willie Parker's just a guy who came from the bottom and a guy still trying to make a name for himself, and I'm not going to quit working hard," Parker said of himself. Nice, Willie. Way to start talking in the third person. I think he owes Rickey Henderson royalties every time he does it, though. (The Pittsburgh Channel)

I went to check Steelers.com to see if the team's official site had anything interesting, and this "random" message board quote on the main page stuck out:

"I think he's a great pick for us. He shows a lot of energy!" -BlitzburghDE on number one pick Lawrence Timmons.

You gotta love the fact that a guy with the screen name BlitzburghDE is praising our new draft pick, who will play LB/DE. (Steelers.com)

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