The Quinn Quiz

With all of the random funny Brady Quinn pictures floating around the Internet (Thanks, Deadspin and Mondesi's House!), we decided to blur the line between fact and fiction and show you a set of photos with Quinn in them. You just need to decide if they are real or fake. Which is real and which is fake? Or more appropriately, which pictures have already been taken in real life and which are sure to be snapped in the next few months? Ladies and gentlemen, starting at quarterback for your 2007 Cleveland Browns, #10, Brady Quinn!

Brady in a pink shirt, grabbing some kid's junk.

Brady with Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Brady with Bret Michaels of Poison fame (and also a big Steeler fan).

Brady with former NBA player John Amaechi and *NSYNC star Lance Bass

Brady with the Village People on the cover of the re-release of their Greatest Hits album.

1 comment:

Cotter said...

I'll bet they're all real. Brady Quinn, field general and veritable social butterfly. Not to mention future disappointment.