Carson Palmer Loves the Black and Gold

Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer has put up some great numbers in his first few years in the league, but he's had his struggles against the Steelers, throwing seven interceptions in his six career games against the Steelers (well, that's counting regular season games, and I'm pretty sure he didn't throw any picks in that playoff game two years ago because of a guy named Kimo). So it should not surprise anyone that Carson was playing in a celebrity golf tournament last year and managed to hit a wayward approach shot that nailed an 8-year old kid on the back - a kid who happened to be wearing a Steelers jersey. Somehow Carson's golf shots, as well as his passes, just end up going right to the Steelers jerseys.

“I got up there and I said I was sorry, and I said, 'At least you're a Steelers fan, I don't feel so bad,'” Palmer said.

Neither do we, Carson. Neither do we.


Cotter said...

I'll bet even Casey Hampton could pick a Carson Palmer pass, what do you guys think?

PalmerSucks said...

Carson Palmer is such a choker, he has his own paramedic team on call.